Book Ghost Writing Services

Our Book Ghost Writing Services in Canada & US

The book ghost writing services we offer are one of the foundations of everything that we have here at The Ultimate Publishing House. If you thought about writing a book that can help your marketing or personal goals get to where they need to be, we can help.

Whether you’re a business professional or someone on a marketing team, you understand the importance of a well-written book. Not only does it give your business the credentials and reputation it needs to get to the next level, it condenses all of your company and personal thoughts into one easy to digest form.

The Best

When you’re looking for the best in book ghost writing, The Ultimate Publishing House is here. We pride ourselves on a variety of different formats in both fiction and nonfiction. The ghostwriters that we use all have professional backgrounds and well-honed skill sets to help you write a book that’s top-notch.

Our experts will be able to take your vision and your concepts and turn them into reality. Our book ghost writing processes have been featured on media outlets you know and trust such as ABC and NBC Nightly News. We understand that time is money, and that’s why our ghostwriters take a no-nonsense approach to helping you write your book.


This is just one of the hands-on and interactive services that we offer you. With our professional and thorough book ghostwriting services, you’ll get a weekly interaction and consultation process that will help to refine your product at every step of the procedure.

The Ultimate Publishing House prides itself on only working with the very best ghostwriters. We have of comprehensive vetting process to make sure that the people that we use on our team have experience and a dedication to quality.


We make sure that we have a ghostwriter that will be able to fit seamlessly with the project that you have in mind. That’s why our book ghostwriting services have 19 different writers to choose from as well as seven editors and eight different graphic designers. Our system is designed to make sure that you get the finished product you want that looks great and adds to your credibility and bottom-line.

Book ghostwriting is best accomplished by dedicated professionals. The Ultimate Publishing House also understands how time-to-market is critical even in artistic endeavors like writing a book. That’s why each and every product you get from our book ghost writing services is ready in less than six months.

Why not get in touch with us today? When it comes to the very best in book ghost writing services in Canada & US, we pride ourselves on reliable staff and trusted expertise.