Professional Book Cover Design Services

Professional Book Cover Design Services in Canada & US

The Ultimate Publishing House is especially proud of our professional book cover design department that’s always ready to serve you. If you’ve thought about writing a book, we can take the vision and make it real.

Business people and other professionals write books to enhance their credibility and distinction. We offer you a full service menu that incorporates everything you need, from evaluating a manuscript to giving you the kind of ghost writing and editing that makes a difference to your publicity. There is no detail left out with our services including, of course, professional book cover design to make that all-important first impression.

World Class

We want everything about your book to be world-class. That’s why we have some of the finest graphic designers to be found anywhere who implement their extensive skill sets into our professional book cover design offerings.

If you take just a few minutes to look through our portfolio, you’ll see some of the amazing designs that we’ve created. The graphic artists that we use are professionals who take the time to mesh your vision with a beautiful book cover. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a striking cover for an e-book, fiction, or nonfiction manuscript, we can help bring your vision to life.


The professional book cover design services that you get with us are all part of the Ultimate Author Program we run. This is the service that has helped CEOs and entrepreneurs as well as business owners and other professionals get the kind of visibility and credibility that only a professionally-handled book can give you.

The Ultimate Publishing House understands that professional book cover design is an important part of your business marketing strategy, but it’s only one critical aspect. That’s why we offer other offerings in our comprehensive services that include a mastermind session where we will align your vision with our skill sets.


What’s more, we have a team of professional ghostwriters and editing professionals on staff who can take a manuscript through all five phases of a professional creative process. When you add our media coaching publicity and marketing teams to the mix, you’ll see how we’ve been able to put together an outstanding reputation.

Why not take a few minutes to look through our authors success stories? We’ve taken the vision of these professionals and created beautiful books that enhance careers and spike business bottom lines.

Don’t forget our professional book cover design services are a big part of everything we do for you!