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““My book was released in exactly less than six months”. I was so impressed with how smooth the publishing model worked from start to finish-truly a fun and enjoyable journey that changed my life! Certainly in part with the help of The Ultimate Publishing House’s (UPH) / Wire Publishing Team. I would like to commend the talent of the designers, ghostwriters and editors who really helped bring the book to life with precision on design psychology as well as the ghostwriter being able to preserve my tone and personality. And the best part is I was able to further build existing Greco Fitness brand. Not to mention promote myself as a speaker in the Fitness and Health circuit alongside other celebrities. As Felicia and her partners state the book is truly the ultimate branding tool and ultimate key to establishing streams of incoming so I can work smarter rather than harder. The Ultimate Publishing House’s process is truly ingenious as the focus on marketing, branding and publicity – the lifeblood of any business or practice and my published book is a business on its own. I truly and greatful for working with the UPH team and plan on doing another book in near future.

-Tony Greco Author of Strong Mind, Lean Body”

“I would like to thank Felicia Pizzonia and Roger Boger and the rest of the UPH team as the made my book: Aged To Perfection truly a beautiful work of literary art. Since the book came out I was able to position myself as the Antaging Doctor of choice in Ohio. I have also launched my own nutraceutical line and laboratory thanks to the traction the book has enabled me to gain in my industry. I also met Dr. Oz and other celebrities because of the outstanding publicity campaign the UPH team put together not to mention the seamless publishing process from beginning to end. My schedule is so hectic, the author management schedule made it easy for me to fit in everything I had to do on my end to get the book done and that was imperative as I have very little free time. I would highly recommend the Ultimate Publishing House publishing program to anyone who has a book in them or series as your life will be forever changed for the better. The book will open up doors you never dreamed!

Dr.Roger Garcia
Author of Aged to Perfection

“Our book titled Power of Women United had 20 chapters from 20 different women featured in the book! The Ultimate Publishing House made it so easy and enjoyable to ghostwrite every chapter and interview 20 different ladies which was truly impressive since it was in essence twenty mini books in one! The editing and marketing support we received was outstanding. Their suggestions helped make the manuscript more accessible and readable. Regardless of the fact that there was much more work to be done with a twenty chapter book, it was still released exactly on time which was estimated at the beginning as a six month release date and the UPH team honoured that deadline and made it happen! The advice from the marketing staff was terrific. The increased interest in our work and book are the results of their exceptional support.”

Tina Dezsi & Lia Bandola
Authors of Power of Women United

“My book titled But He Just Couldn’t Breathe turned out to be incredible. As a psychiatrist, I am not only into medicine but also have a passion for art and created Tozart. The Ultimate Publishing House (UPH) created incredible streams of income stemming from the book. I thoroughly enjoyed the editing and branding and marketing support we received as it is truly outstanding. Felicia and her teams suggestions helped make the manuscript more accessible and readable. The advice from the marketing staff was tremendous. I will publish all my books with UPH!”

Dr. Seymour Tozman
Author of But He Just Couldn’t Breathe

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