Full Comprehensive Book Publishing Packages

Full Comprehensive Packages in Canada & US

The Ultimate Publishing House offers full comprehensive book publishing packages, each of them designed to uniquely to suit each individual author we work with. Our publishing process is tailor-made for each book and author and includes a title and subtitle mastermind, ghostwriter, editing, worldwide distribution, and more. Everything we do here is designed to make sure that your author vision becomes a reality with seven months according to our author management schedule.

Perhaps your writing skills aren’t your strongest aspect? It’s not a problem! When you work with the Ultimate Publishing House, we have a team of professional ghostwriters located right here in the United States and Canada which is included in every package. These are professional writers who will guide you for eight weeks, typically one to two hours in order to extract your tone and personality and complete your rough manuscript.


It’s just another one of the ways that our full comprehensive packages are carefully crafted to meet your needs. Remember, we are fully committed to ensuring that your book is successful, and that’s why The Ultimate Publishing House has a variety of services ranging from cover design ebook creation, and even audio book and of course more traditional needs. Our comprehensive consultation process will help us to put together one of the full outstanding packages that’s best for your business or personal goals.

We take great pride in specializing in fiction, nonfiction, and e-books. Because we are also a complete consulting firm, we have great expertise in branding that works hand-in-hand with your professional and small business needs. Why not let us take you on the journey towards increased ROI or personal career-best through published services that look after all the important details?


We have a program that’s just right for you regardless of the industry or field that you’re in. Publishing is the way to establish credibility as well as visibility and a new revenue stream.

We offer everything that you need, including a mastermind session with a project manager as well as the expert services of professional ghostwriters and distribution as well as marketing publicity and media coaching capabilities.


If you’ve already written a manuscript, we can help you with our manuscript analysis that’s professional and thorough. Perhaps you’ve had a bestseller in mind for several years, have, started making notes, or have even finished a rough draft. Why not let us help you to make those publishing dreams a reality with one of our full comprehensive packages that are tailor-made to suit your specific needs? Don’t forget to take a quick look at the client testimonials that will fill you in on just what our full comprehensive packages will do for you.

To know more about our full comprehensive book publishing packages in Canada and US, call us today.