Book Promotion Services for Authors

Our Best Book Promotion Services for Authors in Canada & US

Offering book promotion services for authors that works well with everything else we do is no small feat. Here at The Ultimate Publishing House, we pride ourselves on being a comprehensive book publishing organization that specializes in e-books, fiction, and nonfiction. If you’re a professional or small business looking to leverage this kind of marketing tool, we can certainly help. Not only do we publish the books, will evaluate your manuscript, edit, design the book from cover to cover, and even market the results.

Being complete book promotion services for authors is something that we stake our reputation on. That means that we have a comprehensive vetting process for everyone from the book editors to the graphic designers and ghostwriters that we use. Everyone on our team needs to hit the mark as far as our exacting standards go.

Through our Ultimate Author Program, a variety of business professionals from CEOs to entrepreneurs and other types of professionals establish different sources of income through the credibility and distinction that we provide for them.

Book Promotion Services for Authors Packages

Why not take a few minutes to scroll through our website so you can see the different packages that we have ready for you? We pride ourselves on having a variety of uniquely designed choices. These all offer a complete set of choices for each individual author. We understand that your needs and requirements are different according to your personal tastes and your business vertical. Regardless of what you are looking for, we have something that’s just right for you.

A book coupled with our marketing and promotion services for authors is the ultimate branding tool. It can supply you with the kind of increased exposure and credibility as well as distinction and visibility that will make a difference. Attracting new clients and prospects is just one of the bonuses that you get when you work with us. Of course, there are new multiple streams of income when you actually publish in your field regardless of your business.


The book promotion services for authors includes an initial masterminding session to make sure that we are on the same page as you. Keep in mind that we have marketing specialists as well as project managers and search engine optimization experts on board.

Variety is the spice of life. It’s a good flux for business and the cornerstone of our book promotion services for authors.

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