We offer comprehensive book marketing strategies. These are almost as important as the manuscript you’ve written. Books don’t wind up in the right hands automatically:they need to be carefully placed in front of your target market. Here are just some of the book marketing strategies that work best.


Blogging is an effective strategy, but it really depends on how much time you have to make it work. The chances are if you’re a busy entrepreneur or professional, you don’t have the time to start a blog and build your reputation before your book gets published. However, blogging is a proven pathway to success. In fact, some of the most influential people in the blogosphere say that blogging three years before your book comes out is a great marketing strategy.

A blog will help you to build credibility and a following as well as some connections that you be able to use later on after your book comes out. Bottom line: if you don’t have the time, hire a professional blogger or one of our ghostwriters to create your blog for you.


Because we are discussing book marketing strategies, doing something visual might sound a little counter intuitive but it isn’t. If you check the statistics for   video marketing   on YouTube and other companies that make video their primary focus, you’ll see that video a great marketing tool to use.

Here’s a helpful tip. If you’re going to use video, make sure that it complements the sale of your book. Don’t be shy about mentioning the fact that you’ve got a book for sale. It’s also a good idea to talk about the general subject that you cover in your manuscript without going into too much detail.

Your video should supply some fresh content about your subject matter and not just rehash what’s in the published work. For example, if you’re giving great tips for restaurant owners on cooking the latest appetizers, you might want to give some advice on finding fresh ingredients that you haven’t already covered n your book.

It’s important to remember that we have marketing specialists on staff who can help you promote your book. In fact, we even have publicists and graphic designers as well as editors and ghostwriters to supply the complete package. When you’re looking for outstanding book marketing strategies that work, we can help. Why not get in touch with us right away?